Setdresser & Fine Art Photographer

David Dumon is a Belgian-born fine art photographer. His work is described as cinematic photography with a strong focus on decor design. When he is not behind the camera, you can often find him scouting new and inspiring locations to style into the perfect cinematic setting.

His journey started at the age of 16, when his father gifted him his first camera. After a few years of experimenting within photography, David discovered a strong passion for interior styling which led him to focus on interior photography. This path has brought him to many authentic locations, and sparked a love for crafting cinematic decors where he seamlessly integrates his protagonists.

His latest series is called “Melancholy”. These images, which could be mistaken for paintings, depict personas that are contemplating a wide range of emotions amongst which unfulfilled desires and loneliness. They tread the line between self pity and repentance. David manages to intrigue the viewer with his works by striking the perfect balance between a raw melancholic atmosphere and the mysterious beauty of the protagonists in their habitat.

Inspiration for his works can be found in movies, paintings, drawings or even by simply immersing himself in inspiring locations. The hunt for authentic locations never stops and has recently resulted in many trips to Morocco. A country with a rich culture which has served as endless inspiration which clearly resonates in his work.