I am a Belgian-born fine art photographer. My work is described as cinematic photography, with a touch of drama. When I am not behind the camera, you can often find me scouting and styling the perfect setting to capture the raw emotions of my next subject.

My journey started at the age of 16, when my father gifted me my first camera. After a few years of experimenting within photography, I discovered a strong passion for interior styling which led me to focus on interior photography. This path has brought me to many authentic locations and sparked a strong interest in fine art photography.

The hunt for that perfect location never stops and has recently resulted in many trips to Morocco. A country with a rich culture which has served as the inspiration for my most recent work.

My works are divided into different categories:

Melancholy: Capturing those intimate moments pondering life’s mysteries.

Film Noir: Harnessing the power of black and white.

Documentary: A cinematic documentary of life in Morocco.

Interiors: Cinematic interior photography

Commissioned: Commercial work done for selected customers.